FO trunk cable

FOCT breakout cable trunks

FO H.D.S. system cables configured on both sides are designed for cabinet to cabinet connections in PoPs as well as in core PoP. The modules are screwed-in in H.D.S. panels and provide 6 LC duplex ports in the distributor field. Through LEDs, they also permit a fast identification of the modules of a cable. For this purpose, a detector is plugged at the front at the module and LEDs are illuminated at both cable modules by pressing a button.

FODH tube cable trunks

Slim distribution system for small installations and narrow feed-throughs, for up to 24 fibers.

Especially installation friendly distribution system with aluminum distribution head and kink
resistant groove protective sleeve, which can be removed in seconds. For up to 144 fibers.

Robust distribution system for industry and outdoor with aluminum distribution head and
wire groove protective hose to protect the configured breakout cables. Step resistant, IP67
watertight, for up to 144 fibers. For tensile forces up to 500 N.