Distribution fields

Assembly carrier with 7HP slide-in modules

The H.D.S. cables are installed with their 12 port modules in module carriers and represent
the patch level. The modules are installed directly in 19 inch panels.

Two 1U-H.D.S. front panels are available for 6 and 8 H.D.S. modules.

7HP or 14HP mini-module carriers with slide-ins for 1 to 3 H.D.S. modules as well as an
especially space saving side panel for up to 4 H.D.S. modules are available for placements
outside the 19 inch level. Installation depth for all: 190 mm: installation materials and
poss. required grounding wire are not part of the scope of delivery.

FO distribution fields

The EasyLan 19" distribution fields are shipped in full metal design. They are 230 mm deep.
The distribution fields are available in four basic designs:

• extendible OVA
• fixed screwed in OVB
• swivable OVSP
• 200 mm deep KVZ variant with angled outlets

For the OVA and OVB variants, the cable is fed through 2PG cable glands or one fastening for breakout cables (see accessories). A target cutout point is available on both sides on the rear as a receptacle for trunk cables of the FODH or FOCT systems. The distribution fields OVA and OVB are
available as empty boxes or equipped with couplings and an installation adapter for FODH and FOCT trunk cables. These breakout boxes are available as standard and premium variants and boxes with APC tuned couplings or LSH couplings are only available in premium quality. The OVSP swivel panel permits an outstanding accessibility with minimal space requirements. The swivel panel can be
locked with a screw and swiveled widely for maintenance work. It offers 80 LC or 40 SC couplings on 1U. The KVZ panel is a breakout box for the connection or pre-configured trunk cables. It is only 200 mm deep and is delivered with connections angled at 30°. It offers up to 48 LC or 24 SC couplings on 1U. Based on the angled position, the patch cables adhere to the minimum bending radius, need less space in front of the patch field and can be easily fastened from the side.