Cable separator KVZ

EasyLan® FTTx cable separator

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EasyLan® FTTx cable separator
Using EasyLan® FTTx, the cabling of KVZs can be designed especially space saving, installation and maintenance friendly. On request, we deliver completely pre-cabled KVZ cabinets including splitters. It is your choice: We complete any commercially available cabinet. Individual adaptations and special solutions can also be provided.

Compact splice boxes and pre-configured trunks Extremely compact splice boxes connect the incoming and outgoing FO connections with the KVZ cabling. Pre-configured H.D.S. trunk modules leading
from the splice box to the patch level. They are configured with 12 port distribution heads, which are already screwed-in on the patch level and feature 12 LC ports.

Splitter and LED patch cables
Premium splitter in monoblock technology with signal distributions of 1:4 to 1:64 can also be integrated in advance because these are, for example, pre-configured as 1U 19" slide-ins with LC connection or which can be delivered with pre-configured breakout cables in the compact housing. The 19 inch slide-ins are also available with ports rotated to ensure adherence to the minimum bending radius. On request, we add patch cables to the delivery, which are adapted to the KVZ cabling. The service technician can use them to illuminate both ends of the cable by pressing a button. This guarantees a unique and fast allocation.