About EasyLan

Highest quality at fair prices

• All products covered by the EasyLan logo are designed and developed in German test laboratories accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025. Before series-production readiness, each EasyLan product is placed for app. six months in the laboratory to be subjected to climate and environmental, mechanical and electrical tests, etc. The EasyLan products will be produced exclusively in European manufacturing locations only after this phase has been successfully completed.
• By divesting the “EasyLan” brand from the ZELLNER Group, it is possible to offer the products at prices on series production level without the need to add the development cost allocations, test costs, certification costs to the products. This results in fair and traceable prices.

Simple and clear with a highlight

• As promised by the “EasyLan” name, all products are designed simply and clearly. Despite this requirement, the developers gave each product its own, unique identity and distinctive features, e.g. the patch cables glow after activation, the keystones do not need a cable tie, the HDS system provides unimaginable free space and orderliness in your rack, etc.
• This and much more makes each EasyLan product special with respect to maintenance friendliness, process safety and performance.

Guarantee and service

• All cabling systems composed with EasyLan products receive the 25-year EasyLan system guarantee. Unlike other guarantee systems, the EasyLan system guarantee does not only guarantee the product but also the performance and the application.
• Based on our area-wide exclusive partner system, a competent contact person is always near you, 24/7, whether in the North, East, South or West. For technology enthusiast, we are pleased to organize guide tours through our laboratories and manufacturing plants.