Cat. 8.1. RJ45

Cat 8.1 RJ45

From commercially used applications in office buildings through autonomous driving up to the newest medical applications. The volume of information that must be transmitted continues to increase. And the requirements for computer centers as well as their cabling also continue to increase.

The EasyLan® RJ45 based cat. 8.1 system, class I, is designed for the use in computer centers and is in accordance with the standards for 25 and 40 GBase-T. Thanks to its RJ25 connectors, it is backward compatible with the previously commonly used copper transmission routes, class EA (up to 500 MHz) and lower.

Cost effective upgrade from cat.6A to cat.8.1

EasyLan® utilizes its known preLink-Keystone connection system, which was adapted for a frequency range up to 2,000 MHz. AWG 22/1 installation cables as well as flexible patch cables AWG 26/7 of category 8.1 with optimized RJ45 plugs are used for cabling.

Using this system approach, users can realize high-performance, future-proof transmission channels in computer centers. Adherence to the mandated, maximum link length of 26 meters is observed also when using an additional extender in the transmission channel.

A later reconfiguration is not required because the preLink modules are exchangeable. This means that the data network can be upgraded easily to 40 Gbits/sec


  • Connector: RJ45 shielded (for cat 8.2.: ARJ45 or Tera)
  • Link class I
  • Max. frequency: 2,000 MHz
  • Max data rate (Ethernet): 40 Gbits/sec
  • Max. cable length: 30 m
  • Number of connectors in the transmission route: max. 2