Made in EU

EasyLan® - Developed in Germany, produced in Europe

The EasyLan®- products are manufactured exclusively by ZVK GmbH (OEM – manufacturer The ZVK GmbH was founded in 1993 and has about 500 employees which 90% are in production. The ZVK is an 100% - family owned company from Family Zellner, Family Klees and Family Harting.


The competence and production of ZVK GmbH are as follows:

• Research, development, construction and design in Germany

• Production sites in Germany, in Czech Republic and in Latvia

• Tool construction and parts production for plastic and zinc die-casting in Germany

• Parts Production in the sheet metal processing center and varnish in the Czech Republic

• Made in fiber optic cable (trunk systems, distribution systems, patch cables, ...) in the Czech Republic and Latvia

• Manufacture in copper technology (Keystone, cabling systems, patch cables, ...) in Latvia


More information about the individual production areas:

Partner and Key-suppliers:

Products and materials, which are not produced by ZVK, are sourced from well-known partners among other things:

Prysmian Group

Fiber optic cable, Copper cable

For more information:

Huber + Suhner AG

Fiber optic - cable, fiber optic - connectivity

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HARTING Technologiegruppe

Connection technology and cooperation with accredited test laboratory CTS

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Coorperation in laboratory